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'Full circle': New mom Tiffany Haas returns to Academy of Dance Christmas show

Tiffany Haas made it to Broadway, but she has never forgotten where she began — at the Academy of Dance, the Peninsula-based studio founded in the early 1980s by her parents, Linda and Jim Haas.

“This dance studio has been my life,” she said. “Being in ‘WICKED’ was a dream role, and performing on Broadway was a dream, but it all started at the Academy of Dance. Before I was born, my mother taught up until the day I was born, and she was back in the studio a few days later with me in a carrier.”

This weekend, to use a phrase that Linda Haas is repeating these days, it has come full circle.

Two weeks ago, Tiffany delivered her first child, a son named Jimmy. Because of that, she is not currently on tour with a production or traveling around the country to do holiday shows with symphony orchestras. Instead this weekend, she is back where it all began.

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